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Love-A-Bull! Or Another Plea for Donations

Let me tell ya something people - I love my dogs. I adore my dogs. And since they are both what people label "dangerous" breeds, I spend time defending my dogs. Dexter usually gets a pass, being a Rottie Mix takes him about 10 years out of the Most Hated Dog Breed circle.

Daisy, however? My Daisy-Boo, my Boodle Schnoodle, my Crazy-Daisy-Baby-Girl - by GOD she is one of those terribly scary PIT BULLS! *GASP* *SHOCK AND HORROR*

Scary, huh?

I gotta tell you - the sweetest dogs I have ever known in my life have all been pit bulls. Smart, yes. Devoted, you betcha. But man, do these dogs love their people. It's incredible.

I am a fanatic in the promotion of a positive pibble image, a devotee of informing the world (or those who will listen) that pitties are made of awesome. And so are these people: Stubby Dog

My Daisy is entered in their contest right now, as one of the dogs who could be chosen to be the Face of their Facebook Timeline Header. There's a nice prize to go with it, but I entered because I love my Boo and wanted her sweet face to make other people see that she's just a doggie who wants to love and be loved.

Here's the thing - I would love for any of you who think she's awesome to vote for her but the votes are $1 each, the profits of which go to Stubby Dog and their mission: "...to help people rediscover pit bulls as lifelong friends."

So if you are up to giving a few dollars to a cause dear to my heart, here is my Daisy'Boo's link: https://www.360photocontest.com/page/viewInd/secure/on/id/26664/contestid/131

Check out all the pibbles - https://www.360photocontest.com/page/viewIndex/secure/on/contestId/131/clear/1

At the very least, you'll get some smiles and a big warm fuzzy out of it.

Thanks, guys! On with your day...
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Guys, it's three weeks now that I've been sick, and all I want to do is lie in bed and pray for something to make it go away. I barely read anything online right now so I am taking a brief hiatus from LJ.

I will check FB, because my kids are on it and that's sometimes the only way to keep up with them. And I do read my email, so if you want to get in touch with me, you can drop me a line there: inkandchocolate at gmail.

Take care of each other - I will be back soon.

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Moving Over, not Moving On

I think this latest LJ fuckery is the final straw for me. I am moving to DW and will crosspost to LJ. I will probably change my post settings to "comment on Dreamwidth" since LJ is down more than not lately but I won't do that for a while.

I would hate to lose any of you, so if you have a DW acount, please fill in the poll so I can make sure to add you over there. If you need a code, I think a have a few so hit me up in email: inkandchocolate at gmail.

Poll #1727335 Hey, Over Here!

I'm on DW and my name over there is:

See you guys over there!

*crosses fingers, hits post*
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Dear Remixer

Dear Remixer:

(1) Go wild! Go crazy! Have a ball! Seriously, I love seeing what my stories sound like told in another voice.

(2) Did I mention have fun? Because yes, that's all I can ask, is that you enjoy yourself.

I for one am going to stretch myself this time and not rely on my "usual" fandoms. I think this could be so much fun. I am really excited!
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FIC: Declassified Military Jargon (R/X, NC-17, BtVS)

Title: Declassified Military Jargon
Author: inkandchocolate
Pairing: Riley/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xander would never make it through basic but he's damn good at taking orders.
Author's Notes: For luvxander who needed help on his paper. I couldn't give him that, so I gave him this: Xander has a military kink, obviously. And when Riley's all commanding and "in charge" it makes Xander completely weak in every possible way.

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Butch and Sundance - the next chapter

Just wanted to let you know that yesterday, Butch and Sundance were accepted into a local, no-kill, high-placement adoption center near us, who we were praying hard to hear from for months now.

On intake, the boys were their usual love-bug selves and the adoption center people were very taken with them. We were assured they would go to a good home quickly, together, and that in the short time they would likely be there, they would get lots of love, attention and play time from the staff. It was so hard to say goodbye but I got to spend lots of time with them saying it, until I knew I had to go and got myself one last cuddle, head bump and kitty nose rubs from them both, told them I loved them and ran out the door.

Please pass this on to all the folks who were so eager to help us out. We miss our boys terribly but my heart is lighter knowing they are just a short visit away from their new forever home.


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FIC: And Love's the Burning (FF/River/R)

Name: inkandchocolate
Shows: Firefly
Story Title: And Love’s the Burning
Character/Relationships: River
Rating: R
Warnings: vague reference to incest, spoilers for “Serenity”
PROMPT: “Life is life, fight for it.” -- Mother Theresa
A/N: Written for Round 1 of jossverse_las and wow am I glad I wasn't voted out in the first round. Awesome entries all around - especially the entry from sunnyd_lite, who knocked it out of the park with her fic: Sum of Its Parts

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FIC: "my girl's tall with hard long eyes" (BtVS)(F/C, R)

TITLE: my girl's tall with hard long eyes
AUTHOR: inkandchocolate
PAIRING: Faith/Cordelia
SUMMARY: Everybody wants you.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written for Secret Slasha 2010, for faithtastic

my girl's tall with hard long eyes
as she stands, with her long hard hands keeping
silence on her dress, good for sleeping
is her long hard body filled with surprise
like a white shocking wire, when she smiles
a hard long smile it sometimes makes
gaily go clean through me tickling aches,
and the weak noise of her eyes easily files
my impatience to an edge--my girl's tall
and taut, with thin legs just like a vine
that's spent all of its life on a garden-wall,
and is going to die. When we grimly go to bed
with these legs she begins to heave and twine
about me, and to kiss my face and head.

- e.e. cummings

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