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inkandchocolate's Journal

delicate unique caffeinated snowflake
how? what? how? three excellent questions   ♦  things you might want to know   ♣  things what i adore   ♥  more? seriously? ok...  ♠  i got nothin'   ★ 
fangirl with scads of fandoms and not much to show for it. in possession of husband, kids, a giant puppy, mortage, loan payments and some of the good sense she was born with but not much else. tends towards the prettier side of the line when it comes to playing with the boys in the fandom of the moment. kinky in all the best ways. would run the world a damn sight differently if anyone listened to her, which they do not in fact tend to do.

¶ write some, all of it dirty dirty slash.

¥ read more than i write. also all of it dirty dirty slash.

§ if you are not over the age of consent, scoot on out of here right quick before someone has to give you a whuppin'. go on now. shoo.

fandoms are pretty much set in (sometimes slippery) stone: buffy, angel, supernatural, some jossverse rps. i might wander from home but not far, and i always come back.
i have no friending policy except that i will friend you if you friend me, and might friend you even if you don't. every day is amnesty unfriending day around here if you find you're in need of trimming the ol' fl. no harm, no foul.

i'll talk about some triggery things but i'll always cut with a warning. if you click it anyway... don't come and complain to me about it. you wouldn't do that anyway, right? good, moving on...